Monday, July 18, 2011

Attention focus and the Self (again...)

Why we cannot focus on two things at the same time? what would it mean to be able to do that, to read two texts at the same time, to see two different things simultaneously while giving them sense, etc? it would mean to be two persons, have two minds? what about acts that imply a lot of parallel processing? (actually virtually everything we do!). Lets imagine a pianist that plays with both hands: does he have two minds? in a certain way, yes, but then we realize that there is a hierarchy of minds in the brain, and that for the 'higher' one, the act of playing with both hands looks like a unique activity in which it can focus: the actual treatment is the feat of 'specialized' sub-minds that don't claim (normally) to be THE person playing. Every 'intuitive' act is atomic for the Self in that sense. Could it be otherwise? isn't it a consequence of the way the Talking Self is defined??

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