Monday, July 18, 2011

Para si mismo es decir para todos

Empathy, moral behavior: it is not a matter of discovering a property of some object that makes it deserve a certain manner of conduct towards it. These "essences" are all in the eye of the beholder. The importance of things are not on the things, but in us (and of course, the very nature of things and us may be the ever changing product of a dialectic universe, but well... let's assume I am here and I see that). We behave in a certain way towards someone/something because it makes sense in our mental universe, it makes us feel coherent with our own principles. In the same way, little acts in life gain transcendental meaning if we put them in context, if we make them part of a story. It is not ultimately important for instance if god exists or not; but if someone tells you to pray, the problem is not to demonstrate it is useless (if you are an atheist); the thing goes beyond the actual use of it. It is about leaving the story live in the heart of people (if you deem it useful) so that you create meaning for you or another person - you create gods out of nothing. But beware: there are limits. No es cuestion de creerselo demasiado hasta pelear por esas cosas como si fueran de verdad. Porque la verdad es que quizas no haya ninguna gran verdad que valga la pena demasiada angustia. Lo importante es vivir instantes poeticos, sin dejar de ser racional.

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