Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7.12.2008 - having and sharing crazy ideas

If you are lucky enough that you can choose what to do for living, then you have to dedicate yourself only to those things that you like and that you are good at (both goes hand in hand): you will be happy and you will make other people happy. The rest may be a waste of time. Hence the importance of knowing yourself, your tastes, your weaknesses and qualities. I wasted a lot of time dreaming of being a theoretical physicists: it was a chimeric dream, since I am not sure I really would have liked this kind of work (I do like Physics, which is not the same), plus I am not good enough to play the game (again, both are sides of the same coin: if I were good enough, I would surely liked it; and you cannot really like something if you cannot play with it at easy). I am lucky enough that I have quite a great freedom in choosing what I do for living now; then, I discovered only very recently something I am good at, something I like, and it's doing things that some people call media art, others "inventions". Having and sharing crazy ideas. I should be, I am happy. Will it last?

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